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Game name Publisher(s) Product code Region code System Release date
Addams Family, The Ocean NES-6Z-FRA PAL-B NES 1992
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt Ocean NES-FM-UKV PAL-A NES 0000
Adventure Island Hudson Soft NES-TB-USA NTSC-U NES 1988-09
Adventure Island Classic Hudson Soft NES-TB-NOE PAL-B NES 1992
Adventure Island II Hudson Soft NES-V7-USA NTSC-U NES 1991-02
Adventure Island II, The Hudson Soft NES-V7-NOE PAL-B NES 0000
Adventure Island III Hudson Soft NES-AT-USA NTSC-U NES 1992-09
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Capcom NES-VD-USA NTSC-U NES 1990-06
Adventures of Bayou Billy, The Konami NES-MU-USA NTSC-U NES 1989-06
Adventures of Dino Riki Hudson Soft NES-SG-USA NTSC-U NES 1989-09
Adventures of Dr. Franken, The Elite UNR-D7-USA NTSC-U NES 0000
Adventures of Gilligan's Island, The Bandai NES-2L-USA NTSC-U NES 1990-07
Adventures of Lolo HAL Laboratory HAL-A4 NTSC-J Famicom 1990-01-06
Adventures of Lolo HAL Laboratory NES-AV-USA NTSC-U NES 1989-04
Adventures of Lolo 2 HAL Laboratory NES-A4-USA NTSC-U NES 1990-03
Adventures of Lolo 3 HAL Laboratory NES-QL-USA NTSC-U NES 1991-09
Adventures of Lolo II HAL Laboratory HAL-QL NTSC-J Famicom 1990-12-26
Adventures of Rad Gravity, The Activision NES-2A-USA NTSC-U NES 1990-12
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The THQ NES-RF-USA NTSC-U NES 1992-12
Adventures of Tom Sawyer Seta NES-YB-USA NTSC-U NES 1989-08
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